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Default A few things about Windows 7 beta....gadgets not loading? GTA IV? more.

1. If you disabled UAC completely the gadgets won't load. Use the lowest UAC setting and gadgets will still work.

2. Installing GTA IV. Run the C++ SP1 installer (inside the Redistributable folder) before the GTA IV installation. Otherwise you will get permission errors. Can be done afterwards too but the install will give errors if not run before the GTA IV installation.

3. GTAIV.exe needs to be run in compatibility for Vista or XP SP2 when installing GTA IV.

4. Some drivers might require Vista compatibility mode to install but all Vista drivers work ing Windows 7; at least everything I've used.

5. You can unpin everything and create a Quick Launch toolbar. My Windows 7 quick launch looks just like Vista. You have to goto toolbars, new toolbar and create it. Then you can disable the title and text, drag it to the left and bingo.

6. The latest version of Flash will crash Google Chrome. Using the previous version works fine.

Anymore bugs and fixes post them here.
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