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Default Re: Poor performance for full-screen flash, geForce 8200

Originally Posted by zim2dive View Post
I don't think that is the case b/c there are quite a few folks on the avsforums in the linux htpc group that have "lesser" nvidia GPUs that apparently work much better than what I see.. so that seems to point to a particular issue with the 8200 (and 8300?) with 173/177.

I've round and round on this with folks with several different cards.. everyone wants to blame Adobe until I can show them the results of 173 vs 177.. at that point it becomes clear there is a definite issue with the nvidia drivers with regard to the 8200, and those must be fixed before any other solution can have a chance.

Since 177 added hdmi audio to the 8200 (at the same time performance went in the tubes), that is the 1st thing I would inspect (if I had access to the code)... ie. something in that implementation created the slowdown.
I'm glad you're speaking up for us. This is most definitely a driver issue. As you said, with driver 173.x things are ok, anything thereafter gives me trouble. Maybe we are focusing too much on flash performance and not enough on what I feel the root problem is. I haven't really heard many others talk about the 2d performance problems. Do me a favor and see if you have 2d issues as well. The test is very simple. Use a driver after 177.x, boot into your DE (i personally use gnome, I don't know if this works with kde), disable any desktop effects (ie. no compiz), open a window (a console or text editor should be fine), now switch to a new desktop (ctrl+alt+<right arrow key>). The result, in my case, is that I can literally watch the screen be redrawn. I'm guessing whatever function is used to redraw the screen in gnome is also used in flash, and I'm guessing this is what is causing the issue. Maybe this can send the devs in the right direction.
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