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Default Re: Tv out configuration doesn't exist?

Not sure what driver you are using, but I would suggest getting the latest one if you don't have it. I used to have a problem on my sammy monitor with blurry textures. What fixed that was by creating a custom resolution.

Open up the Nvidia control panel. under Display, click on manage custom resolutions. On the right side you need to click create. For a component connection I would use 720p, or 1280 x 720. Click advanced, then change the timing standard from auto to "CVT reduced blank". This may or may not help. You could also try the Force HD resolutions, or create a custom resolution for 1366 x 768. It's a common resolution used for vga connections to a flat panel HDTV.

If that still doesn't work do you have any other methods to connect to the tv with? vga is basically the same as using component, both are analog RGB connections. If you have an HDMI port I would suggest trying a DVI to HDMI cable and connecting it that way.
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