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Default Re: Windows 7 Beta available 1/9/09

Ok, I installed this (no key, just played around) on my old PC, AMD X2 box, Nforce 4, 8800 GTX, Audigy 2ZS, 2GB PC. This PC had a 7800 GTX in it but now it has my old pal, the 8800 GTX because I upgraded to a 4870.

Anyway, it was never great in Vista for me so I put a clean build of XP SP3 on it, my main PC is a Intel Quad at 3GZ, X-Fi, 4870, 4GB, Vista x64, blah blah, 5.9 on WEI.

So, I tried this on it and it got a 7.9 on the 8800 GTX for Aero, 5.9 for games, the rest was about 5.2, except the HD, which was 3.0. Ugh. It detected as the default SATA and the Nvidia drivers installs, but the driver for the SATA wouldn't update. I also had 4-5 PCI device errors in Device Manager, I have no idea what it was, because it detected the Audigy, maybe it was a daughter device from the card. I thought it might be the ATK thingie, that Asus installs, but it detected that and installed a driver for it. IE 8 seemed nice and UAC wasn't nagging all the time. I like how there are true "Themes" now, they have scenic backgrounds and the window transparency color changes with it. Nice. I tried a few games and they worked fine (just blizzard stuff I tested quick). I didn't go nuts with benchmarks because I really just wanted to see the OS itself.

It booted up and shutdown pretty fast, again, it didn't have the correct SATA drivers, but overall XP still felt faster. I just don't think the older Nforce AMD/Nvidia stuff is great for Vista/Windows 7. Anyway, I really liked it and I'm looking forward to release and getting it on my main box.
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