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Originally posted by Atlas37
The 5900 is a piece of junk not just the flickering, but IQ sucks big time. Why dont you try your 5900 on a good CRT and see what happens.
Since you didn't quote I assume you were responding to my last post.

I'm not going to join in with ad hominem arguments. My personal opinion, however, using the following CRT: Hitachi CM721FB CRT Monitor - 19-Inch / 85Hz Refresh Rate is that IQ differences between the 5900U and 9800Pro are negligable in games from my own comparison screenshots (even when zooming at at up to 500%). I've not done extensive IQ testing in 2D apps or with just Windows but my overall impression of 2D IQ differences is similar to that of 3D.

The 9800Pro is faster than the 5900U in UT2003 by a few FPS and up to 10FPS faster in Morrowind at various settings. Considering the price difference it goes without saying that the 9800Pro is a better buy right now. However, to say that one or the other "is a piece of junk" as a blanket statement just isn't true until we have hard facts as to how many of either card is problematic compared to how many are problem-free. We just don't know those statistics though.

If 100 people have problematic 5900Us and they all speak up in a forum about it...who's to say that 10,000 people don't have perfect 5900Us? Those without problems aren't nearly as likely to be posting that their card works just fine. My point is that there is obviously a problem but to what extent no one can yet say so blanket statements hold no water.
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