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Default Re: 96.43 or 71.86, Pentium-MMX, GF4MX4000 PCI - crash

Thanks for replies.

Why am I reporting this?
I bougt an nVidia card, it was running fine on my old system, and now it stopped working. There are no other problems with that system, even the most recent kernels boot fine, just the nvidia module doesn't work.

I use it to watch online TV (in reduced resolution of course).

I see no reason why I shouldn't be asking here about this problem. If the Pentium-and-older systems aren't supported anymore, why wasn't in mentioned in the release notes?
This way I consider it to be an unwanted, buggy, behaviour.

I think specially 71.xx and 96.xx series drivers should be tested at older systems, because that's where people use these old cards...

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