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Default Re: Poor performance for full-screen flash, geForce 8200

Originally Posted by pcjason View Post
I'm glad you're speaking up for us. This is most definitely a driver issue. As you said, with driver 173.x things are ok, anything thereafter gives me trouble.
I do chip and firmware design for a living (datacom, not video).. narrowing down issues is part of what I do

Folks may be right that flash, gnome, whatever have their own issues, but this would seem to be a pretty clear case showing that the nvidia driver is directly contributing to the overall unacceptable level of performance.

If it can have good performance under 173, they should be able to offer us improved performance in 177/180, not degraded performance, when the ONLY difference is which nvidia driver we use, or at least get us BACK to the same performance we got with 173.

I just don't know if we have the attention of anyone on the development side, arguing with non-devs here doesn't accomplish anything. I submitted to the dev email addr, but haven't heard anything in return (not even an automated email acknowledging receipt of my bug report), so I'm getting less hopeful and exploring purchase of other (non nV) hardware (gotta vote with your $$, its the only thing we have). Life's too short to sit and fume about this for more than a few weeks. after that it's time to move to something which already has good support.
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