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All right, back to Rage3D with you, little man. These particular OEM system builders will use the fastest video cards available on the market and right now that's the 9700. I don't think there are any of us here who are surprised by this. And keep this in mind - how long have Voodoo, Falcon and Alienware used NVIDIA cards? Thinking as far back as 1999 I don't remember a single one of these makers using a card from ATI, even when 3dfx was still around.

Just think, when the NV30 comes out, barring any unforseen driver/motherboard issues, there is no question we'll be seeing other press releases saying they've switched again. That's the nature of the business, plain and simple.

BTW, last systems I've seen from those manufacturers, used the Asus P4T533, and an Intel reference i850e board - both of which are AGP 4x.
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