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Default Re: GF8200 / Poor 2D performance / ETA of fix?

Originally Posted by Windseeker View Post
Hmmm... I don't own a GF8 card, but out of the logic:
At the login screen you don't set any values with nvidia-settings, too. I bet your nvidia-settings is executed _after_ login from KDE/Gnome Autostart. So the problem could only be in some xorg.conf parameters or really a horrible bug in the driver or a broken card.

And before somebody is shouting "nonsense!": Yes, broken card could match the report as well, because the newer driver could perhaps trigger the fault whilst the older drivers didn't. I can't tell how likely this might be, but it is possible, too.
why is everyone so intent on finding some explanation (holding nvidia blameless) other than the most obvious (Occam's razor). No 8200 owners are reporting that they can play hulu HD in full screen with 177/180, but once we all switch back to 173 we can. How much more obvious do you want it to be?

Same piece of hardware works well with 173 and badly with 177/180 under linux.. but works flawlessly under Windows (will have to check the driver version).

Unless you own an 8200 and can share your perfectly working setup with those of us who do not, really you have nothing to contribute to this thread other than info which is no more applicable than a report about results using an ATI or Intel GPU. There are plenty of reports of folks with other nvidia GPUs, both above than the 8200 AND below the 8200 (in rated performance).. they are not having the issue.. the 8200 is.. what works for them has no relevance for us, even tho it would be nice if it did. I've tried the new 180 drivers, I've tried all the performance settings for the 177 drivers (which are on by default with 180).. none of them come close to the simple thing of rolling back to 173. It is a night and day difference. So they broke and/or removed something that was in 173 with regard to the 8200.
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