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Default Re: GF8200 / Poor 2D performance / ETA of fix?

Originally Posted by zim2dive View Post
why is everyone so intent on finding some explanation (holding nvidia blameless) other than the most obvious (Occam's razor).
So you think I hold Nvidia blameless if I assume the driver could have a horrible bug or the card is broken? Seems you should read my post before replying.

Originally Posted by zim2dive View Post
Unless you own an 8200 and can share your perfectly working setup with those of us who do not, really you have nothing to contribute to this thread other than info which is no more applicable than a report about results using an ATI or Intel GPU.
I posted that the problem logically cannot rely on nvidia-settings options. This would point to a driver bug, no config problem. Logic doesn't need reproduction on my side. Seems you should read my post before replying.

Zim, you just want people to join you ranting, you don't want people to analyze the problem, think about the cause, guess what could help. Interestingly, you are so blind from anger, you even don't recognize that my assumtions even point in the same directions as yours do. This blindness will never help the reporter in first place.
Additionally, the first poster has even the login page rendering extremely slow, so your flash issues are not relevant here.
Perhaps after the reporter has stable 2D performance he might want to join your flash rants in your thread. Until that, your flash issues are off-topic here.
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