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Default Re: GF8200 / Poor 2D performance / ETA of fix?

Originally Posted by apaige View Post
Beyond that, again, you're only talking about Flash, not 2D performance in general. It's a very specific problem. And the reason I'm not upset about it, is that flash performance under linux has always sucked. Hell, Adobe even made us wait for over two years before they released a 64-bit plugin.

NVIDIA isn't blameless, but you guys are really exagerating.
No we're not there is a massive difference in performance from 173 to 177 .. going from full (or close) FPS on full screen flash, to a crippled 1-2 fps that eventually locks up and dies.

The (fatal) flaw in the logic here an so many other places is people keep saying 'flash has always sucked' therefore we never expect better.. AND yet with 173 Flash has very good performance with the 8200. Therefore we know there is something that can be massively improved within the nvidia driver, to get us back to 173 levels of performance. This provides a very specific test case for the devs to focus on.. and that is exactly the way you help debug, find a single, simple, repeatable test case.
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