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Default Re: GF8200 / Poor 2D performance / ETA of fix?

Originally Posted by Windseeker View Post
Zim, you just want people to join you ranting, you don't want people to analyze the problem, think about the cause, guess what could help.
Quite the opposite, I want folks to stop blaming everything except nvidia (ie Flash)

Additionally, the first poster has even the login page rendering extremely slow, so your flash issues are not relevant here.
Thread title is 2D.. is Flash not 2D?

Perhaps after the reporter has stable 2D performance he might want to join your flash rants in your thread. Until that, your flash issues are off-topic here.
The OP only posted
and when the system booted up I was really shocked. I never thought that 2D could be *that* *slow*.
I'm not trying to criticize the OP, but that's not an obvious test case for the devs to debug.. I'm simply trying to provide a very specific/repeatable test with a massive difference in performance from the works to not-works case... in case you've never done firmware debug, that is exactly what a dev needs.

Given the similarity in the cure (massive performance difference btw 173 and 177) these are very likely the same/related issue.

You plainly state you don't own an 8200... its not personal, but so far I've run into nothing but well-intentioned folks who own non-8200 GPUs posting fixes that simply aren't applicable. Given the localized nature of this bug, I don't think anyone without an 8200 (or that is not an nvidia dev) can contribute much... the tricks/hacks/gizmos that make the other cards work simply can't overcome whatever got broken in the jump from 173 to 177 (and beyond)
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