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Default Re: EVGA GTX 295 Quad SLI!

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
If I haven't seen it first hand I honestly wouldn't believe it. I had alot of problems with the 9800GX2 stuttering, pausing (Assassin's Creed, GOW, RS Vegas 2), low min FPS. I vowed to never use one of these cards again since I got sucked in with the 7950GX2 and the 9800GX2. I went back to a single 8800GTX which was slower than the 9800GX2 but the gaming experience was 300 times better to me.

That said I won't ever use one of these cards again until Nvidia or ATI can put out some hard evidence that this has been addressed fully. Its funny how none of the reviews touched on this with any of the dual cards. But they go on about it's benchmarked performance. Showing me a high average framerate means nothing when to me it's unplayable with stuttering and pausing. I consider the on net reviews to be half the problem.

Let me just ask you this.. Why, if you had problems with the 9800GX2 was that never mentioned on Nvnews? I know you work for EVGA but being part of the solution is alot more genuine than being part of the problem. I remember seeing the pics of your rig with the GX2s and how fast it was in 3dmark, but as far as I can recall you never mentioned having issues with it when they launched? I'd just like to see some reviews actually address problems like this with dual cards and not just spit out generic benchmarks with numbers but alas why would they jeopardize their free meal for me.
Very good point. I cannot agree with you more. No offense to Chris but his 9800GX2 quad-SLI review on SLI Zone has NO mention whatsoever of micro-stuttering/low min FPS even though it was VERY apparent.There is no doubt that Chris himself encountered these during the course of reviewing the setup at that time, and yet he chose not to disclose these vital information. Only when other others reported these problems was I able to grasp that 9800GX2 is a bad card indeed.

Heavy emphasis on how good the latest card was, and yet very little mention of what the cons were clearly suggesting that the review was not comprehensive at all and hence biased writing only what the person sees 'fit'. After searching and reading about 9800GX2, I see about 99% of 9800GX2 owners were unpleasantly dissatisfied and vowed never to get a dual GPU card ever again.

Perhaps after spending 1k+ on a pair of graphics cards alone only to find out gaming experience was worse than having a single 8800GTX, 'they' decided not to divulge the issues of 9800GX2's since the setup certainly didn't justify the cost or the performance. It is absolutely unbelievable to see how these 'reviews' pay little attention to what plagued 9800GX2: microstuttering.

The only way to find out whether a card is 'good' or 'bad' is to either find out myself or wait 3-4 months until what others say. Since I have gone w/ the 1st option, I will definitely comment on microstuttering once I have my new rig built and tested starting with Crysis/Crysis Warhead.

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