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Default Re: openSuSe 11.1 & NVIDIA 180.22 Driver

Dear all, thank you for the fast replies, but I still have problems:

I tried running nvidia-xconfig to generate the new xorg.conf, but I still have the same log file generated from the SaX.

The drivers were previously removed from YaST and I installed 177.82 manually. Anyways I double checked the YaST and there wasn't any nvidia driver selected.

I tried to do rmmod nvidia, then I did "sax2 -r 0=nvidia", still the same problem. The issue was there even after reboot.

I am sure that the module was not loaded into the kernel. Before installing the driver I removed the kernel module (there was nothing after running lsmod | grep nv)

So guys, any other ideas? I think that 8600M GT is not supported in the driver.

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