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Default Re: x58 Chipset SLI PROBLEMS

Originally Posted by xorbe View Post
I definitely sounds like a hardware issue ... check the caps on the motherboard? Nightmare scenario you've got!!
yeah its turning into a nightmare. I contacted BFG first (GFX card manufacturer) they said its a mobo issue, mobo people ran 3 hours worth of tests with me on the phone, they said its a GFX card issue. I RMA both GFX cards, throw the old 8800GTX's back in the machine and BOOM same problem as with the GTX280's BUT the 8800GTX's were working fine before i put the 280GTX's in the machine and NOTHING has changed. I have tried 2 different versions of the chipset software, every available release and beta version of Nvidia GFX card drivers from 178.24 until 185.XX. Nothing works with SLI on. Now the mobo manufacturer has RMA'd the Mobo, so i won't have a computer for atleast 2 weeks. This is getting silly. I don't even know what the problem is cause no one i have talked to has a f'ing clue. Even the level 3 tech support at EVGA was like hmmm WTF.
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