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Default Re: call for testers: disper -- on-the-fly display switching

Originally Posted by kcrudup View Post
You know what would be really nice? "disper --toggle", where it toggles back and forth between "disper --single" and "disper --extend"; this way I could make up a button for "--toggle" and make it a one-push display change.
First of all I want to say thank you for a great tool. I also want a cycle feature, so I made a litle bash script that uses disper and goes through some different display modes. In this way I can connect Fn+F7 to this script an am able to use disper in the way I want .

I had to rename the file to .txt to be able to upload it. Normaly it would be called .sh. Just "chmod a+x" to make it executable.

I hope this script is general enough to be able to work for all of you. My displays are called DFP-0, CRT-0 and this script only works if the display names have that kind of format. Otherwise feel free to modify the script for your won liking. I should not be too hard.

I still agree with the others that it would be better to have the cycle option in disper itself. So this is just for all of you that want that option right away.
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