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Default Re: GF8200 / Poor 2D performance / ETA of fix?

Originally Posted by apaige View Post
Yes I see all those threads, but they must be doing something different from me, because I have a 8300 and my desktop performance is not horrible slow (sic) at all. Windows get drawn instantly. Then again, the nvidia-settings command I run plays a big role in 2D performance.
Please tell us a little bit more about your system!
-> What linux distribution did you use
-> 32 or 64Bit
-> KDE or Gnome

I'm an IT specialist and most of the 35+ computers in our office are based on an Nvidia Geforce motherboard. Some are using the GF7050, some are using the GF8200. At home i have two Geforce 8300 based boards. (Asus M3N78 PRO and M3N78-EM)
I have done intensive tests in the last month since the 177.xx drivers comes out and it was the same on all boards:

-> Geforce 7050 based boards are working perfect with every driver here on Mandriva 2009 x86_64 & Gnome!
-> Geforce 8200 and 8300 boards are working also fine with 173.xx but they don't with 177.xx and 180.xx here.

Again i don't talk about flash performance because i personally don't use flash based websites very often.
What i talk about is pure 2D performance! When moving windows or open programs you can see how your screen is drawed line by line.

I will test the posted settings and will give you a feedback if it fixes my problem.
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