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Default Re: Windows 7 Beta available 1/9/09

Originally Posted by JasonPC View Post
Those complaints are so petty. You get used to the changes that Vista made (which for the most part are inherited but improved in Win7). If you can't change with the times then you can keep your XP. I loved XP but it's fairly obvious why many of the changes were made to it. You get used to them quick. I'm liking Windows 7 so far but I feel like it is what Vista should have been.

So is that guy just talking about the UI being different and him not being used to it and feeling a bit frustrated and lost as a result? For example, when I tried Vista I also found the explorer changes a bit unfavorable, now however they are just fine and I can benefit from the new UI.

W7 does also have a slightly different interface to Vista and I'm not too at home with it , for now I guess.

Oh, another blog entry from that site that I read, and as you JasonPC said, this post could be put onto the same page, as this guys's "complaints" more or less imply that he does not understand what a "beta" is...

EDIT: HA!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Look what I did:

... this is while adding about 200 songs to a playlist, from the newly recognized 2nd hard drive. A few seconds later is was responsive.

Thought right now when I scroll down the list randomly and either start a new song or right click on it it does take a few seconds to respond.
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