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Default Re: Windows 7 Beta available 1/9/09

Originally Posted by ATOJAR View Post
Somethings annoying me! ... see the task bar(below) when i start messenger and close it so its runnning in the backround it dont minimize to the lower right! ... it just stays over there on the left hand side, if i right click that and klick close window it shuts down messenger! ... anybody know of a way to i can get the messenger icon to be on the right hand side of the taskbar so its running in the backround like it used to with xp/vista?
This behavior is part of the new "easy access" to running apps. You hover over and it lists in thumbnails everything you have running and open. It's taking some time to get use to but I like.

You can change this a bit by right clicking the Start Menu and editing the options.
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