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Default Re: Poor performance for full-screen flash, geForce 8200

@All: Interesting. We are clear nVidia has an issue with 8200 and Flash, but I recommend you to remove Compiz from the equation. If we remove Compiz we remove all Compiz compositing bugs, and we leave only nVidia bugs left. nVidia developers will be able to fix THEIR bugs, and they will let the Compiz guys do the same.

I've mentioned KWin all the time, and that's because I'm using KWin 4.2 (beta, soon to be released), with desktop effects and compositing. That means: we are not necessarily talking about a bug with compositing that has to do with nVidia; there is a great chance we are talking about a bug with Compiz. If I get 0,5 fps with Compiz, and 8-10 fps with KWin and desktop effects enabled (hey, it's a 5500 FX with a puny CPU, it can't do miracles), there is a great chance that Compiz is the source of the failure, not nVidia.

So, try again with KWin (specifically KWin, because it is the only other window manager that can do Compiz-like effects) and tell us. Is the performance worse? How? If you compare between KWin and Compiz, does it differs? Remember: if you do that, you'll help nVidia to find the true source of the bug that is affecting you, and you'll help Compiz too, in the long run.
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