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Default Re: Windows 7 Beta available 1/9/09

Originally Posted by Shamrock View Post
Anyone try a thumb drive? I had to use a thumb drive to move some files, because of W7's wacky networking. My DVD burner has pooped out, so I used a thumb drive to move files. When I was done with the thumb drive, I safely removed it from W7, but that didn't happen. It SAID it was safe to remove the drive, but the light was on the drive, and the icon in the bottom right wouldn't disappear.

I still absolutely can't stand the networking, or the Windows explorer options. I wanna see FILES not LIBRARIES!

But this is the last you'll hear of me about Win7, I received OpenSUSE today in the mail, and installed it (I used my file server for both installs, and need the files back).
Yeah, that is annoying - that you can't see the files how they are on the computer that you are browsing.
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