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Default Re: GF8200 / Poor 2D performance / ETA of fix?

  1. Shouldn't make a difference. All the problems we're talking about have little to do with how powerful the CPU is.
  2. That's possibly a relevant parameter.
  3. I'm not sure that makes a big difference, since Gnome also uses GTK2; the biggest difference is sub-pixel hinting, which I have disabled (gtk-xft-rgba=none), but can also be disabled in a DE. What may or may not be relevant is Metacity (Gnome's WM), which supports compositing (Openbox doesn't).
  4. Changes nothing, since I have a separate screen (as in, :0.0, :0.1, :0.2) and each device is independent; performance is different on the 8300 and on the 8600, in both 2D and 3D (the discrete 8600GT with its own on-board memory, higher frequency and simply higher feature set, is faster). In my previous post, I only talked about performance on the 8300.

As for taking the time to install a distribution that I loathe, that's not my role. I'm not the one with performance issues.
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