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Default Re: New 180 driver on ubuntu ibis continues miserable nvidia experience.

Originally Posted by bobdobbs00 View Post
I feel that potential users of the new driver should get feedback before jumping in and trying themselves, so that they know what kind of hurdles they might face. Don't you think?
No. I think that there should be a bug report along, because otherwise you can never be sure whether the problem is not configuration, third party software or, especially in your case, third party hardware (Monitors with broken EDID) related. The nvidia driver clearly has bugs, but there are also many reports in this forum which where finally not related to the driver at all.

Also many people (volunteers and nvidia employees) here try to help solving problems like the ones you are facing, but they do need information in order to be able to help.

As long as you don't provide this information, I'd consider your posting, no offense, as useless from a "users should be warned" and from a "get my problem solved" point of view.

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