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Default Re: Nvidia's 40nm GT212 to have 384 SPs, 96 TMUs, and 256-bit 7Gbps GDDR5

Originally Posted by MUYA View Post
That's the dilema.....I can get a 295 for USD$480 or a 4800X2 for USD$380.....but, I know 3d cards always launch within a at least 2 quaters and for the same price offer more performance and you will always have some form of regret!! 8800 GTX is getting a bit long in the tooth now....
Yea, at 1920 x 1200 1 GTX is a little slow. I've been pretty happy with GTX SLI, but I want to upgrade for the sake of upgrading

I've always upgraded on the even series in the past, but the SLI really throws a wrench into the situation. According to Anandtech's GTX 280 review a pair of 8800GT's in SLI is generally faster than 1 GTX 280. The 8800GTX should have no problem matching that performance, but even the extra vram would perform better still in some cases.

Originally Posted by walterman View Post
There is no doubt about the GT300. But this GT212 only complicates the situation for the buyers. Remember the short life span between the 7800 GTX512 (GT200b), 7900GTX (GT212) & 8800GTX(GT300).
That's a very good point walterman. If they have done it in the past then it's more likely they could do it again. From a logical point of view it seems odd they would want to release so many high end parts in one year. I guess though the more parts they have on the market the more people they can get to buy new hardware.
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