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I have lost faith in Nvidia responding. I don't think they will because there is nothing they could say that won't enrage everyone. I think they will quietly fix this problem at some point in the future. But I have lost my patience, so with signs that ATI continue to improve their driver quality, I will give the ATI 9800XT a shot, unless NV38 comes out first and I read that it fixes the flicker problem for people. Heck, if NV38 won't be as fast as 5900 Ultra, and no faster Nvidia product will exist until NV40, then I probably won't bother with NV38 at all. By the time NV40 comes out in the spring, it sounds like R420 on the stable .15 micron tech will be out, and if it really is 2X faster than a 9800, I am afraid Nvidia will truly be destined to become the graphics underdog. And no, I am not an ATI fanboy, I've RMA'ed TWO ATI cards already (plus a 5900) and currently have a GF4 in my comp.
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