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Default Re: Red Alert 3 Thread

Originally Posted by SH64 View Post
There is no comparison here. RA's videos and gameplay were light years ahead of RA3's despite how old it was.
RA3 is more like a Lego game with some pr0n videos thrown into it.
That's nostalgia talking... watch those scenes again on youtube, they're horrible really. Like a college drama project. At least with RA3 they're campy on purpose, which people seem to not understand, or not "get" what that means. The pic with the nightgowns is awesome because it's intentionally horrible.


Got the game off Steam and LOVE IT. Classic Red Alert gameplay and feel, in my opinion. I love C&C games because honestly I am a shallow RTS player... I like setting up a base, setting up defenses, then building as many of my best unit as I can and rolling over the enemy. That has always been what C&C is about and that is why I love it.

I honestly can't imagine a C&C fan going into this game and not loving it, but I guess that's me.
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