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Default Re: 180.08 & red checkerboard

Originally Posted by rdv View Post
I am also experiencing this problem starting with the 177 driver when black checks would be displayed.

I installed the first release of the 180.xx series driver and the checks were gone. Now with the 180.18 driver I get red checks as described in previous posts. In addition to the occasional red checks I will also get a full red screen flash during xv video playback. I use both compiz-fusion and smplayer/mplayer.

I have a EVGA 8600 GTS.
Same situation here. 177 would show a black checkerboard pattern on any video I was playing:
  • DVD Kaffeine: Xine engine
  • Electric Sheep screensaver

180.22 is giving me a red checkboard pattern, too. I don't get a fullscreen flash. Running KDE3 w/ Compiz-Fusion. Video card is a 9600GT.
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