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Originally posted by Greg
I tried installing the 40.41 and 30.82 drivers last night and repeated the process 3 times. I conclude:

The 40.41 drivers are slightly faster in UT2003 benchmarks (and for me, 5% faster in 3DMark2001se). However, the 30.82 drivers actually appear 'smoother' in UT2003 (and Operation Flashpoint, the only other game I tested.)

When I say 'smooth', I mean if I spin the camera with the mouse, even though the frame rate was between 40 and 110fps, the 'feel' and 'look' was definately smoother with the older drivers. That is why I installed and reinstalled them a few times to compare, and ended up keeping the 30.82s to play the game.

Both sets of drivers exhibited occasional pauses or slow downs for no particularly good reason (Eg. nothing special happening on screen, or complex area visible.)
hmmmm... interesting, maybe i'll try the 30.82 afterall. I don't give a damn about benchmarks if the game actually APPEARS smoother with a less fps. It's kind of like Voodoo2 Glide with UT1. Sure it would never go above 60fps even with the fastest CPU installed, but the game play was smoother than GF4TI4600 overclocked with opengl! Yes it was that good. (me misses Glide)
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