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Post Re: Nvidia's 40nm GT212 to have 384 SPs, 96 TMUs, and 256-bit 7Gbps GDDR5

Originally Posted by ChrisRay View Post
I think the most discouraging thing is that all these faster cards havent really changed or offered alot of compelling reasons to upgrade. New features ect.

Agreed,and with millions and millions more out of work,and a lot more to come short term, defaulting on 8+ million more home loans over the next 12 to 24 months,this won't sell all to well.I think the GTX260 I have now,may be the last upgrade I do for my gaming pc.

My Q6600 can tear through anything,and other then ram which is cheap,I don't see the point in the I7,or DDR3 kits,again,given the current economic world meltdown.My appetite for PC gaming upgrades,has really gone out the window.Watching near 14k of NVDA stock turn to crap,and twice that in Intel stock,well,you get the picture.I predicted on HardOCP back in June 2007,that AMD's stock would hit less then 3 USD a share by xmas 08,and look now.NVDA will be worth no more then a dollar 30 odd,a share,by Dec 2009,and AMD a penny stock,if they exist at all.Luckily I shorted on AMD,last Summer and took back a lot of profit.My wife and I are doing the same with NVDA.INTC which I am going short long,will hit under 7 by years end.No doubt Philip Falcone is my hero !

The ops for shorters like my wife and I,are simply fantastic right now.
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