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Default Re: 180.22 the best drtiver ever?

Originally Posted by huiii View Post
worst driver, basta
nah, not for all,

unfortunately it really depends on the hardware / card you're having:

two examples

7600GT PCIe -> it's better, faster, smoother, more stable (!?) than ever with kde4 and especially gnome; there are still some hardlocks but they seem to occur very rarely if any (I haven't experienced any yet with 180.22 but with 180.18; plasma still seems to crash from time to time but than mainly seems to be due to a bug in plasma and/or kwin (after >=18 hours an more of uptime)

8400M GS -> it's really faster than before but the stability still isn't there yet, furthermore in contrast to the 7600GT memory usage of X grows to 400 MB and more whereas it seems to stay below 250 MB for the 7600GT, powermizer works fine from what I can tell ...

9XXX series or 8XXX desktop cards -> those of you really seem to have the most problems with now

Powermizer -> for certain mobile cards, dunno which ones exactly - it REALLY seems to depend on the linux distribution your xorg.conf, your arch and some more details

I'll write more if I can remember again of all those tiny tiny details ...
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