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Default Re: Windows 7 lacking ?

Originally Posted by thor1182 View Post
so anyone figure out how to get "documents" to correctly point to another drive?

In XP you could change the target location for my documents to anywhere, and all the apps would read the change. In Vista you can do something similar, however it did cause a few XP apps like C&C3 to have issues when you remapped documents.

So far I can point individual folders like my music and what not to different locations, but when I fire up itunes, it still thinks documents/my music is in the C:\users...

maybe that's for the better but its not what I want. I also noticed the same behavior out of VS2008, but I am not concerned about that one.
start explorer, computer, C:/Drive, users, YOUR USER NAME,

Right click on say Documents, properties and select the `Location` tab

Took me a while to figure out, the libraries completely confused me
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