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Default Re: Windows 7 lacking ?

Originally Posted by Dreamingawake View Post
Yeah this is interesting.

One one hand it does seem windows 7 offers some additional features that Vista doesn't. -If it's true about the memory use being lower in games ect, then that is freaking awesome
and almost worth it in itself.
Install the multi core gadget. Clean boot Windows7 is only using 550 - 600 MB. When I come out of a game, it's back to 550 - 600MB. Vista on the other hand uses 3 times that much on a clean boot and the longer the PC is on the more the usage goes up. I don't believe Vista disables Aero properly either when running a game, myself and others saw up to 10 FPS increase in GTA IV if you manually change to a non-aero theme.

In any case, there is no dispute that Windows 7 is faster. You can run it on computers that could not run Vista like laptops. Its clear to see Windows 7 is just a much better OS than Vista.
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