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Default Re: Windows 7 lacking ?

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Install the multi core gadget. Clean boot Windows7 is only using 550 - 600 MB. When I come out of a game, it's back to 550 - 600MB. Vista on the other hand uses 3 times that much on a clean boot and the longer the PC is on the more the usage goes up. I don't believe Vista disables Aero properly either when running a game, myself and others saw up to 10 FPS increase in GTA IV if you manually change to a non-aero theme.

In any case, there is no dispute that Windows 7 is faster. You can run it on computers that could not run Vista like laptops. Its clear to see Windows 7 is just a much better OS than Vista.
I wish it was a simple SP2 update to Vista. It's bull**** that they would make us pay for a whole "new" O/S.
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