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Default Re: Worth it to go Tri-Sli?

Originally Posted by ChrisRay View Post
Tri SLI is alot like Quad SLI. But a bit more difficult to manage from a thermal/power perspective. There can be alot of gains assuming your GPU limited. But your tempatures and room tempature will go up. If you are running 2 260s or 2 280s. It might be worth taking a look at. With 3 9800GTX cards you'll probably end up vram limited before you can make much use of it. Before going 3 Way SLI I strongly recommend you have some experience with normal SLI. 3 Way SLI much like Quad SLI is for those who are dedicated for the extra performance and are willing to jump through a few extra hoops for it. If you want a hassle free setup then don't bother.

I did the Quad Sli for like a week, because I was inbetween video cards and doing testing. Also, back in the 7950GTX days too but it wasn't for long.

I'm very familiar with SLI (2 cards), but not with Three i'm not sure if losing the X-fi would be worth adding the third card. My main computer (gaming) doesn't stay on for more than a few hours while i'm gaming or watching a movie. And my quad is hard to keep stable at 3.6 (plus runs to hot), one of my MAIN concerns is driver stability.

Something in my setup, causes me to experience the dreaded "driver stopped responded" error constantly. At least once a day (even after multiple driver changes, cleaned with DC Pro) and OS re-installs on brand new drives. I'm just wondering if it will equal to more frustration than benefit to my gaming experience.
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