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Default Re: HD720p and HD1080i

Originally Posted by timbba View Post
Few months later... Is HD720p (or HD1080i) with 50hz through component still not supported?
I tested this with the latest 180.22 driver. HD720p in 50Hz is still not supported.

I think that 50hz is more commonly used than 60hz worldwide in television broadcast, so why is this important feature still not supported?

Or maybe I tested wrongly, if it is supposed to work.. Can someone please answer if you have this feature working?

I have tried this way:

Option "TVStandard" "HD720p"
Option "TVOutFormat" "COMPONENT"
Option "UseDisplayDevice" "TV"

And I have also set Twinview to use my own 50hz modeline in metamodes, which ends up to no picture at all in component. But if I select 60hz modeline for component in metamodes, I get the picture.
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