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Default Re: Are the new 55nm GTX260's Quiet?

Originally Posted by Blkout View Post
I have a 55nm GTX 260 SC overclocked beyond the default SC speed. Mine runs completely stable and artifact free at 720/1440/1134. The default fan profile is 40% which is inaudible. In fact, it's not until I raise the fan speed to 55% that I can even hear it running and even that's completely tolerable. I'm a bit of a fanatic when it comes to noise so I don't exceed 55% fan speed and it runs cool enough. Load temps are around 75-78c under the worst scenarios such as OCCT GPU Test. Most games run around 68-72c. It will run slightly cooler with higher fan speed profiles but it's just not worth a slight temperature drop for me to have to listen to the fan, but that's just MY opinion.
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