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Default Re: 180.22 the best driver ever?

Thanks for the info. I'd already worked out I can also stop that by setting IPP=1 or by turning off PixmapCache and GlyphCache. I would have compromised with that, but there's still issues with suspend and Powermizer.

Anyways, as I actually have more problems than in 177.82, I can't see any benefit (for me) in using 180.22 at all, and have decided to sit out this release.

I guess the main reason I'm on 8.04 is that it's an LTS release with 18 months of 'support/updates' and I don't need to bother with the upgrade treadmill. The only thing I actually consider upgrading outside of that is the nVidia drivers. But, hey, that's just me and 180.22 is the best driver ever for some....

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