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Originally Posted by j0j081 View Post
I don't understand how some of you have some much RAM in use on a clean boot of Vista. Do you have a lot of programs loading up at start because mine is usually only around 800-900 MB and this is a fresh install I haven't even optimized yet.
Vista x64 on a clean boot with nothing but GPU drivers running was 1.5GB RTM, 1.2GB SP1 and 900MB SP2. It has gotten better but it's still just too bloated. I don't let anything run on startup but the Nvidia driver services, never have. I've got 2 x Q6600 machines here both with 4GB DDR 1066 one has GTX 260, the other 8800GTX. Those were fresh installs, so unless you are running SP2 beta there is no way its under 1GB usage on a clean boot. Right now my second PC is sitting at 1.7GB with SP2 as it's been on for about a week without a reboot. It just keeps slowly creeping up till I reboot it again.

On the other hand Windows 7 clean boot with just GPU drivers loaded is 550MB. It runs on my laptop wonderfully, something Vista wasnt able to do. P4 2.4Ghz, 1GB ram.
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