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Default nv driver with 8300 mGPU

I am trying to use the nv open source driver with my mGPU 8300. The version number is nv 2.1.10. When I use it, I get an error in the log that my card is not supported, so using VESA right now.

"(WW) NV: Ignoring unsupported device 0x10de0848 (GeForce 8300) at 02@00:00:0"

The Xorg log lists the 8300 GS as supported by nv, but has no entry for plain 8200 or 8300. There seems to be only one newer version 2.1.12, but it seems that this version also doesn't list plain 8200 or 8300, at least from my google search.

Is there any way to get the nv driver to work?
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