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Default Re: openSuSe 11.1 & NVIDIA 180.22 Driver

Since the new installer complains, you do have remains of the old driver. And your xorg.conf is a bit messy. Why o why do people advise not to use SAX2? I manage a lot of openSUSE machines with different NVidia-cards and 180.22 works. This is what you should do, since both openSUSE and NVidia tell you so:
Make sure you uninstalled everything from the NVidia-repo in Yast or zypper. After that, disable the repo.

NVidiadrivers can be downloaded directly from, just browse or

1. Open console (Ctrl-F1), login as root,
2. at # type: init 3 (runlevel without X, so no nvidia driver needed
3. cd to 'folder where NVidia driver is"
4. at # type: nvidia-installer --uninstall or sh "" --uninstall
5. run it again, it should state there's nothing to uninstall
6. Now, just to make sure, reboot. (shouldn't be necessary, but just to make sure)
7 .login as root in console
8. cd to 'folder where NVidia driver is"
9. at # type: sh "" -q
10. Now !!: sax2 -r -m0=nvidia
In my case this lasted for a couple of minutes. Then I was able to configure a proper xorg.conf on all systems.
Anyway, since the drivers from the repo don't let me do kernel-updates whenever I want, I always pick the drivers manually from and install them as mentioned above. Once a correct xorg.conf is created by sax2, there's no need to repeat that step.

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