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Since this is thread regarding Tenebrae and not UT2003, I`m not going to say all I`d like, but Yes, it`s obvious to me that texture details is just Normal, as well as other options. And I didn`t mind that much the fact that textures aren`t that detailed in demo.
What I was talking about is, that after all that hype, UT2003 doesn`t make you say Oh my god, it`s unbelievably beautiful ! It`s not like when I ran Unreal 1 for the first time with 3dfx1 and saw all those effects.

And it`s definitely not like when I ran Tenebrae for the first time.

I mean, UT2003 is really nice, those 2 levels have great design, no problem with that. It`s just that they`re not that spectacular in graphics. Nevertheless the gameplay is great, since I`ve spent most of my current free time just playing UT.

I know I have to wait for Unreal2 to be amazed by graphics, I was just expecting UT to have similar look.

BTW, did anybody finish whole Quake in Tenebrae version ? I did, and I had a good fun again.
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