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Default 7.1 performance

7.1-Pre-Release was working just fine, however once I upgraded to the full release performance dropped significantly and X is now taking up 35% WCPU in top all of the time.

I hadn't made any changes to xorg.conf
Did a kldunload nvidia and make deinstall on the nvidia-driver port (177.80), then rebuilt it with make clean && make install.

That didn't improve anything, so I removed the port again, downloaded the source for 180.22 and installed it. Still no improvement.

What's odd is the release of 7.1-PRE was only a couple of weeks older than 7.1-STABLE and it worked fine. Any ideas on what might have changed that would drop the performance so much?

edit to add:
CPU: Phenome 9600 quad core
Motherboard: M3N78-EMH
Graphics: Built-in GeForce 8200
using 32 bit freebsd 7.1-RELEASE
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