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Default Intrepid problem with 8800M

Hi, I've looked everywhere but no one seems to know how to fix this.

First I'm running a _laptop_ using Nvidia's 8800 Mobile Graphics Card in Ubuntu Intrepid connected to a Sharp Aquos HDTV HDMI-HDMI.

The external display is detected and an output is shown, cutting off the edges by a bit, using the default drivers after a fresh install. I've gone through xrandr, xorg configs, Envy, etc... and still can't find a way to fit it to screen.

When I use the Restricted Drivers, 173, 177, the external display no longer shows anything.

When using either the default drivers or the restricted drivers, dragging a terminal set to transparent across the screen causes the terminal to flash where it previously was, trying to render the terminal background.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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