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Default Re: Official BLU-RAY sales thread.

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
There are?


Hang on, I think I saw one ages ago on the Australian Digital TV forums. I'm gonna go look.
According to wiki:

The countries of the major Blu-ray manufacturers (Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, etc.) are in the same region as the Americas. As of late 2008, almost 70% of all released discs were region-free.[51]

Their reference being this page here:

Oh yea one more thing:

Major studios have different region coding policies. Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios have released all of their titles region free.[52][53] Sony Pictures and Warner Bros have released most of their titles region free, but titles released by Warner's New Line division were, initially, region-coded but subsequently have been released without being locked. Titles released by other labels on behalf of New Line are still subject to some region locking.[54][55] Lionsgate and Walt Disney Pictures have released a mix of titles that were region free and region coded.[56][57] 20th Century Fox has released all but three of their titles region coded.[58]
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