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Default Is there GFX diag tool?

Hello all

A while ago I upgraded my graphics card and recently I bought a few extra bits and pieces to make use of the old one in a second pc.

It is a sapphire x1950 pro 256MB pci-e, anyway having assembled my second pc installed the OS and drivers etc i ran some graphics stress test (no overclocking) all of which crash after 5 or so seconds in.

I assumed it was a heat issue and so bought a replacement heatsink and fan (zalman vf700-ALCu)

It is now as cool as a cucumber 32c at idle to 40 odd under stress (so sayeth GPUZ)

but the crashing remains.

I have managed to play HL2 for an hour or so with decent frame rates.

Incidentally It has been sat in draw for many months in its original packaging beforehand.

so I wondering if there is a method of finding out if the card is damaged or whether the problem lies in software.

Intel E2200
2gb ddr2 667
sapphire x1950 pro 256mb pci-e

All help is greatly appreciated.

I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place, 1st post.
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