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Default Re: 8400M GS : Low performences

Hello everyone

About this:
"Keep in mind however that a card being a 8xxx doesn't necessarily mean it's better than a 7xxx.. a 7600GS, for example, is theoretically superior to a 8400M GS."

I know that 8400M GS is not necessarily better than a 7600GS, but when I say the graphics is poor in LINUX it's because when I look to the graphics with OS Windows VISTA they are just perfect, and it's stranger that difference.

Yesterday I tried to Install the: Ubuntu 8.10, Fedora 10 and OpenSuse 11.0, all of then with the same problems (bad graphics), just the OpenSuse was with better graphics (not better like Windows Vista).

Honestly, I don't know why this is happening! today I installed again the OS Windows VISTA because for me while the video doesn't work properly I'll not change for Linux (unfortnantly).
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