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Default Re: Mirror's Edge out today?

I was playing this earlier today, I couldn't get AA to be applied. 8xAA @ 1920x1200 i could still see the jaggies! With Vsync on and off, I got a lot of tearing (steady 60fps though). And during the second stage, where they are chasing you through the buliding (when aren't they really?) when they shoot through the glass the framerate crawled to 9fps and wouldn't pick back up.

I alt-tabbed and the game crashed, reloaded the level and again when they shot through the glass the framerate tanked. My only guess for the drop would be Physx's, I am running 181.20, and have phsyx and sli enabled.

I plan on re-installing (not due to the game, but for a clean install) today so I will try it out again. But the game sure is bright!
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