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Default Re: 8400M GS : Low performences

Originally Posted by xin44 View Post
i know i repeat myself in different post but the 180.11.02 opengl3 with vsync off and flip disable save my life (from 45 complete freeze per day to 2-3 now).
just a little slower as 180.22 - but more stable - have you try it ?

cv : 8800 gtx - kde 4.2
Maybe this freeze is caused by the powermizer...
in power mode I disabled the powermizer by adding
    Option	   "RegistryDwords"	        "PerfLevelSrc=0x3322"
to the device section in the xorg.conf.
PerfLevelSrc=0x3322 means using the best performance in power mode and dynamic performance in battary mode.
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