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Default Re: Nvidia + Matrox TripleHead2Go with resolution 5040x1050!

Originally Posted by xianthax View Post
Combined with the Xinerama mouse confusion bug, which triggers more often with higher graphics load and its getting to be obnoxious
By the time i used to have a two card triple-head setup, then i only experienced
the re-draw events while moving windows across screen boundaries. Since i'm
now running my three displays off a single card, i'm not affected, but out of
curiosity, can you please detail this "Xinerama mouse confusion bug"? TIA

Originally Posted by xianthax View Post
i'm curious, why not set this up with 1 screen directly to the card, and 2 tied to the other TH2G to the other output, then use twinview to merge them?
I'm doing exactly that! One 1600x1200 display is straight connected to the
first DVI output of a GTX 260 and the other two 1600x1200 displays are
connected to the TH2G which in turn is connected to the second DVI output
of the GTX 260 which will appear as a 3200x1200 display. So with twinview
it forms a single 4800x1200 framebuffer. In this setup, the TH2G is operating
in dual-head mode, so basically a DualHead2Go would have done it, but the
DH2G has no DVI input. So i opted for the TH2G working in dual head mode.

For details, please check:

Originally Posted by xianthax View Post
This would get around the awkward refresh rate the TH2G gets running 3 screens @ 1680 x 1050.
Right, the above xorg.conf will do the 3x 1680x1050 in 57 Hz, only!

I have attached a sample xorg.conf that will do the 5040x1050 in a twinview
1680x1050 + 3360x1050 fashion. My 1600x1200 displays can show 1680x1050
(hardware scaled) so i tested this with my setup explained above.

Originally Posted by xianthax View Post
i have a gtx260 in the mail and will have a triple head 2 go as soon as its back in stock at newegg....going to try a few setups to find the best performance, i'd even be willing to drop to 3 screens if the performance is there, i'm generally limited by 2d performance before i can fill 4 screens with windows anyway...i'll try to post some benchmarks of various setups when the parts arrive.
Benchmarks are always welcome! :-)


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