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Originally Posted by Dreamingawake View Post
who gives a crap what other people do?

it's not our place to say if someone else can or can't download something.

we are citizens we do not 'uphold' the

stop trying to be so tough, and pretend that you don't download things either..........
The last piece of software I acquired illegally was back in late 2001. Since then, I've purchased everything. See, I used to pirate it too... and then one day I realized that these companies that I was stealing from, well, the average Joe employed by them probably doesn't make a ton of money. I then realized that if anything I should purchase the software so that average Joe could keep his job. And, hopefully, the more profitable that company is the more profit average Joe will receive.

If you disagree with this logic, then I suppose you wont mind if I just driveo ff with your new car. I mean, obviously you can just afford to replace it... no?
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